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Online Educational Resources

There are an increasing number of high quality medical education resources that are freely available online. Many of these have been termed FOAM or Free Open Access Meducation. This term was actually coined at the ICEM 2012 conference in Dublin. These take the form of blogs, podcasts and activity on social media such as Twitter. These resources are produced from people with a broad range of training and a broad international perspective. Emergency Medicine has been at the forefront of this movement to provide freely available, high quality educational resources. They can provide an excellent addition to the broad base provided by a formal Emergency Medicine training program.

IAEM has a bespoke Twitter account, Facebook and YouTube channel where you can engage with the FOAM community.


The Australian based website Life in the Fast Lane is one of the leading websites in this regard and is an excellent place to begin engaging with FOAM.

More Resources

Life in the Fast Lane

Introductory Workshop to Social Media for Medical Education

Social Media in Critical Care (SMACC) is a high impact Critical Care academic meeting fused with cutting edge social media to deliver innovation with education. In 2016 SMACC was held in Ireland (SMACC Dublin 2016) at the Conference Centre, Dublin, 13th-16th June.

emnow.ie was created in 2015 in collaboration with the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland and ICEMT. This website provides many useful educational links and patient assessment tools to Irish EM trainees

RCEM Learning is the RCEM e-learning platform, launched in 2015, all material is free to RCEM members.

FOAMed Blog

Report from #FOAMed frontiers

Dr Andy Neill is an Emergency Medicine Specialist Registrar currently based in Dublin. He has a strong interest in #FOAMed and social media for medical education. He is also the creator of emergencymedicineireland.com and the Anatomy for Emergency Medicine Podcast.

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