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Professional Competence Scheme

All doctors on the Medical Council register in Ireland are obliged to maintain their professional competence by enrolling in a professional competence scheme and following requirements set by the Medical Council

Visit Medical Council: Professional Competence Scheme

In Emergency Medicine

The Medical Council currently recognises the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI) as the training body for Emergency Medicine in Ireland. RCSI in turn recognises that the Irish Committee for Emergency Medicine Training (ICEMT) has the professional and EM expertise to manage EM training in Ireland on its behalf. The RCSI Professional Competence Scheme was developed in consultation with ICEMT and is fit for purpose for EM in Ireland.

Most doctors working in Emergency Medicine in Ireland will register with the RCSI PCS. Doctors who are Members or Fellows of other Irish training bodies (e.g. RCPI) that administer a Medical Council approved PCS may register with that body’s PCS.

Download: ICEMT Professional Competence Scheme for Emergency Medicine April 2011

How to enroll in the RCSI Professional Competence Scheme

Doctors can enroll online on the RCSI website:

Application for Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Approval

RCSI has an online facility to apply for accreditation of an EM meeting or educational event for CPD credits. On the electronic form linked below, please select Emergency Medicine in the Academic Discipline dropdown menu, complete the form and upload the relevant information required. CPD points will be issued by RCSI after review of the submitted material by ICEMT

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