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IAEM Publications 2021

Developing Emergency Medicine in Ireland – Strategic Objectives for the Irish Association for Emergency Medicine

Irish Association for Emergency Medicine

July 2021


In 2019, the Irish Association for Emergency Medicine (IAEM) celebrated 30 years since its inauguration and in March of that year the Executive decided it needed a document to outline its strategic direction for the next five years.  As the first document of its kind, it was decided to review the development of Emergency Medicine as a specialty in Ireland and the critical role played by the Association, describe achievements and challenges for Emergency Medicine and lay out the strategic direction for the Association.  During the remainder of 2019, there was
extensive consultation with the membership including a detailed on-line survey, a roundtable forum on 28th June 2019 as part of the IAEM30 Celebration Day and detailed structured interviews with members of the Executive.  A summary of the findings and plans were presented at the IAEM Annual Scientific Meeting in October 2019.


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