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IAEM Publications 2014

An Integrated Trauma System for Ireland

Irish Association for Emergency Medicine

December 2014


placeholder_notepadThis paper relates to the initial management of the victim of major trauma and the networked management of victims of lower level trauma. It describes in detail the justification for the formal establishment of trauma networks, how trauma care is delivered internationally, the known benefits and the crucial need for on-going audit of outcomes from the entire network as well as individual units. Whilst some initial investment will be necessary, it is likely that once a steady state of service delivery is achieved, the introduction of trauma networks will be shown to reduce the total cost of the management of trauma in Ireland. Suboptimal management of trauma results in greater on-going costs to the health system and society at large, as patients require health services for longer and may fail to return to work. Good care can cost less. Our patients deserve optimal care, society deserves that this is provided as efficiently as possible.

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