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Press Release 2006 – 2012

From time to time, the Irish Association for Emergency Medicine issues Press Releases to the national media on important issues relating to Emergency Departments and Emergency Medicine. These Press Releases are available to be viewed by the public below and are filed by year of release.








10th January 2012: IAEM Press Release to coincide with recruitment to Basic Specialist Training in Emergency Medicine (BSTEM)

11th January 2012: IAEM welcomes improvement in Emergency Department overcrowding in early January 2012 compared with disastrous January 2011 figures

20th January 2012: IAEM and ICEMT jointly launch their proposal for the Development of the Staff Grade in Emergency Medicine

24th January 2012: IAEM releases details of exciting ICEM 2012 Conference to be held in Dublin from 27th to 30th June 2012

06th February 2012: IAEM provides details of its census of the medical staffing position of mid January 2012

22nd February 2012: IAEM voices serious concerns about escalating and dangerous levels of overcrowding in Paediatric Emergency Departments

16th May 2012: Countdown to ICEM 2012 continues apace – 40 days to go

17th May 2012: IAEM welcomes HIQA Tallaght Report and seeks immediate implementation of its recommendations

28th May 2012: IAEM demands absolute commitment to resolve Emergency Department overcrowding for once and for all

08th June 2012: IAEM appoints Global Emergency Care Skills (GECS) as the official charity to the 14th International Conference (ICEM 2012) to be held in Dublin from 27th – 30th June 2012

18th June 2012: IAEM eagerly anticipates this week’s launch of National Emergency Medicine Programme (EMP) Report

21st June 2012: IAEM marks landmark event for Irish Emergency Medicine and the patients it serves with the launch of the national EMP report on 19th June 2012

27th June 2012: IAEM welcomes the Official Opening of ICEM 2012 by the President of Ireland, Mr Michael D Higgins

09th August 2012: IAEM reflects on a very successful ICEM 2012

20th August 2012: IAEM reiterates its September 2011 call for a ban on dangerous looped cord blinds

11th September 2012: IAEM recognises improvements in Emergency Department overcrowding but expresses concerns that cuts and bed closures will cause serious deterioration

01st October 2012: IAEM welcomes inaugural national meeting of the Emergency Medicine Student Society Ireland (EMSSI) on 24th September 2012

18th October 2012: IAEM expresses serious concerns about the impact of recent government actions on recruitment to senior positions in Emergency Medicine

06th January 2011: IAEM expresses grave patient safety concerns following record Emergency Department overcrowding

10th January 2011: IAEM welcomes publication of the Report of the National Acute Medicine Programme

12th January 2011: IAEM calls for urgent action to reduce Emergency Department Overcrowding as Influenza incidence increases

09th February 2011: IAEM publishes its Ten Point Sustainable & Equitable Strategy for Emergency Care for 2011 General Election Campaign

22nd February 2011: IAEM warmly welcomes new appointments to the HSE National Ambulance Service

31st March 2011: IAEM warmly welcomes new Minister’s commitment to address the ongoing travesty of Emergency Department overcrowding

21st April 2011: IAEM expresses increasing concerns about difficulties recruiting junior doctors to Ireland’s Emergency Departments

10th May 2011: IAEM welcomes Minister’s decision to institute system for accurately counting patients on trolleys in Ireland’s Emergency Departments

03rd June 2011: IAEM welcomes appointment of Dr Martin Connor and tasking of SDU with resolving Emergency Department Overcrowding as its first priority

07th June 2011: IAEM welcomes further enhancements to road safety measures effective from 1st June 2011

14th June 2011: IAEM expresses dismay about prospects of prolonged patient waiting times in EDs as a result of worsening medical staff shortages from 11th July 2011

16th June 2011: IAEM survey confirms the extent of the Emergency Department medical staffing deficit from 11th July 2011

27th June 2011: IAEM welcomes HIQA inquiry into AMNCH, requests its extension to all hospitals with chronic Emergency Department overcrowding and urgent action to reduce clinical risk arising from ED overcrowding

28th July 2011: IAEM issues advice to parents on avoiding sunburn and scalds occuring to their children

02nd August 2011: IAEM offers advice to parents on preventing injuries associated with the use of the Fliker scooter

08th August 2011: IAEM expresses grave concerns about the patient safety implications of HSE circular prohibiting hiring of locum doctors from 15th August 2011

11th August 2011: IAEM issues advice to parents to prevent trampoline-associated injuries in children

13th August 2011: IAEM makes submission to Oireachtas Committee on Mental Capacity legislation

31st August 2011: IAEM welcomes HIQA directive to AMNCH, Tallaght and expects it to be applied in other hospitals countrywide

09th September 2011: IAEM encourages Junior Certificate students to ‘stay safe’ when celebrating their results

26th September 2011: IAEM releases its position paper on the role of the Full Capacity Protocol (FCP) in the management of Emergency Department overcrowding

27th September 2011: IAEM calls for a ban on looped blind cords following the latest tragic fatality

29th September 2011: IAEM announces signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with Disaster Relief by Irish & Pakistanis (DRIP)

21st December 2011: IAEM urges Minister to act immediately to eliminate predictable, avoidable deaths related to deteriorating Emergency Department overcrowding

07th January 2010: IAEM warns of delays for those attending the country’s Emergency Departments

24th February 2010: IAEM response to the Comptroller & Auditor General’s Special Report on Emergency Departments

26th February 2010: IAEM welcomes announcement of change to date for NCHD changeover

10th March 2010: IAEM expresses grave concerns about difficulties in recruiting non-Consultant hospital doctors (NCHDs) to the country’s Emergency Departments

16th March 2010: IAEM confirms C&AG’s contentions about serious shortage of Senior Decision Makers in Ireland’s Emergency Departments

06th April 2010: IAEM highlights deteriorating Emergency Department recruitment situation

15th April 2010: IAEM advises car and tractor drivers to Spot your Tot before driving off

19th April 2010: IAEM calls for a programme of sustained expansion in number of Consultant posts in Emergency Medicine

23rd April 2010: IAEM offers advice on avoiding hand injuries to students and parents of students with upcoming Leaving and Junior Certificate Examinations

27th April 2010: IAEM urges care with open windows and small children during spring cleaning and good weather

12th May 2010: IAEM deplores precipitous ‘reconfiguration’ of Emergency Departments without adequate contingency planning

14th May 2010: IAEM welcomes this week’s decision to ban a range of products available in Headshops

16th June 2010: IAEM expresses concerns about the emergence of new Headshop products including Whack

17th June 2010: IAEM reiterates its call for provision of 24/7 Social Worker services

02nd July 2010: IAEM welcomes reduction in permissible Blood Alcohol Concentration for drivers

12th July 2010: IAEM responds to changes in the 4 hour ‘target’ for Emergency Departments in the UK

15th July 2010: IAEM comments on the recently published Changing Cardiovascular Health – National Cardiovascular Health Policy 2010-19

25th August 2010: IAEM welcomes enactment of Criminal Justice (Psychoactive Substances) Act 2010 on 23rd August 2010

27th September 2010: IAEM welcomes the joint RCPI/ HSE DQCC Acute Medicine Programme Implementation Strategy

27th September 2010: IAEM Staffing Survey confirms ongoing severe staffing difficulties in many of the country’s Emergency Departments

21st October 2010: IAEM Advice on the Safe use of Fireworks particularly over the Hallowe’en period

22nd November 2010: IAEM expresses concerns about the impact of HSE bed closures on ED overcrowding

03rd December 2010: IAEM offers advice to the public during current severe weather conditions

06th December 2010: IAEM notes massive upsurge in number of patients with severe musculoskeletal injury as underfoot conditions worsen nationally

23rd December 2010: IAEM issues public advice about the increased risk of Carbon Monoxide poisoning during current severe weather conditions

12th January 2007: IAEM response to HSE statement “Achieving improvements in A&E” of 4th January 2007

16th January 2007: IAEM response to HSE’s proposed Paediatric Emergency Care Infrastructure following opening of National Children’s Hospital

18th January 2007: IAEM response to “National Survey of Emergency Department Services in Ireland 2006 – patient profiles, experiences & perceptions

22nd January 2007: IAEM response to development of Urgent Care Centres

09th March 2007: IAEM response to DoHC/HSE proposals on co-located private hospitals

14th March 2007: IAEM expresses concerns about proposed private facilities co-located with public hospitals

29th March 2007: IAEM marks the first anniversary of the Minister for Health & Children’s “national emergency” speech

30th May 2007: IAEM welcomes the bestowing of Lord Mayor’s award on Mr Patrick Plunkett

01st June 2007: IAEM response to publication of ED Taskforce Report

13th June 2007: IAEM publishes Health & Safety Standards for Irish Emergency Departments

28th June 2007: IAEM makes submission to HSE on National Stroke Strategy

03rd July 2007: IAEM announces details of 2007 Annual Scientific Meeting & AGM

05th July 2007: IAEM requires action on the implementation of the ED Taskforce Report

24th August 2007: IAEM response to proposed additional Consultants in Emergency Medicine

17th September 2007: IAEM endorses access to Community CPR & Defibrillators

01st October 2007: IAEM publishes Standards for Emergency Department Design & Specification for Ireland

02nd October 2007: IAEM rejects HSE spin that cutbacks will “not impact on patient care”

06th November 2007: HSE fails to meet its own 12 hour target

08th December 2007: IAEM marks first anniversary of the completion of the ED Taskforce Report

11th December 2007: IAEM notes increase in government levy for attending an Emergency Department

20th December 2007: IAEM notes increased pressures on Emergency Departments over the Christmas & New Year period


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