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EMP Resources


Template Job Description

Consultant in Emergency Medicine/Paediatric Emergency Medicine (April 2011) for posts approved under the EMP is also available as a resource.

EMP Implementation Guidance

Individual Implementation Guides (1 -9) (Updated January 2013)

Additional Resources

EMP/SDU Seminar

Working through and beyond Emergency Department Overcrowding

Download:     Seminar Programme

This seminar took place at RCSI in Dublin on 14th November 2011. Below are the Programme from the day long seminar and the Presenters’ slidesets.

Acute Medicine Programme

The Report of the National Acute Medicine Programme was published by the HSE on 22nd December 2010.

A summary of the issues that arise for Emergency Medicine has been compiled by Dr Geary for the benefit of IAEM Members.

Reference Material

ED processing

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    Website:     http://www.dh.gov.uk
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Consultant Staffing

Emergency Medicine in the UK

Emergency Medicine in Australia


CDUs / Observation medicine

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