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IAEM lauds phenomenal success of EMSSI (Emergency Medicine Sudent Society of Ireland)

Phenomenal success of Emergency Medicine student society a major cause for optimism in Irish Emergency Medicine

The formation of the Emergency Medicine Student Society of Ireland (EMSSI) in 2012 has been a phenomenal success which has surpassed even the expectations of its founders. The enthusiasm for the society and the large attendance at its events confirms the enthusiasm amongst medical students for the specialty of Emergency Medicine and certainly bodes well for the future.

At this stage there are EMSSI chapters in each of the six medical schools in Ireland with a partnership forged with the equivalent society in Queens University, Belfast. Events run by all these chapters attract significant numbers of medical students. The national group’s annual lectures to inaugurate the past two academic years have seen hundreds of students in attendance.

A number of those deeply involved with the formation of EMSSI while final year medical students have gone on to take posts as Interns in Emergency Medicine and have brought their commitment and enthusiasm to their postgraduate roles. Some have presented scientific work at the Annual Scientific Meeting of IAEM. This year’s ASM took place in Letterkenny last weekend.

The enthusiasm and commitment of medical students to Emergency Medicine is a positive omen for the future. At a time when recruitment of non-consultant hospital doctors (NCHDs) by the HSE is proving difficult and there are significant numbers of vacant posts across most specialties, it is essential that the Department of Health and HSE continue to address issues such as overcrowding which make Emergency Medicine less attractive as a long-term career choice. This can help nurture the existing enthusiasm of our medical students for the specialty and encourage them to ultimately become Consultants in the specialty in Ireland.

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