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The IAEM 10 – Ten Steps to Improve Emergency Care in Ireland

In order to allow the National Emergency Care System (which includes Emergency Departments and Local Injury Units) to fulfil its role optimally, the Irish Association for Emergency Medicine has drawn up a list of 10 key issues that must be addressed;

  • Five of which are within the capacity of Emergency Medicine to address and
  • Five that require prompt action from agencies other than Emergency Medicine.

5 Things IAEM is Doing

1. Providing Expertise

Providing expert advice on the current status of Emergency Medicine in Ireland and describing the future development of Emergency Care

2. Improving the Patient Experience

Working with the community, HSE and politicians to improve emergency care and the patient experience in Emergency Departments

3. Advocating for Emergency Medicine

Advocating for better, safer conditions for patients and staff in Emergency Departments

4. Promoting Careers in Emergency Medicine

Promoting careers in Emergency Medicine and advocating for sustainable careers at every level

5. Determining Care Standards

Providing guidance on care standards and research in Emergency Medicine and supporting the National Emergency
Medicine Programme

5 Things Others Need To Do

1. Stop Boarding inpatients in EDs

Ensure that admitted patients are not boarded on Emergency Department trolleys as this leads to crowding which harms patients.

2. Ensure Appropriate Alternatives

Provide effective alternatives to attending Emergency Departments for patients not suffering acute severe illness or injury.

3. Ensure Alternatives to Admission

Provide effective alternatives to admission for Emergency Department patients who don’t require a hospital bed.

4. Ensure Responsibility is Shared

Ensure all parts of the health service share responsibility for timely, equitable access to high quality unscheduled care.

5. Ensure Staff can be Retained

Retain doctors in Ireland by providing terms and conditions that appropriately recognise the nature and intensity of Emergency Medicine work.




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