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IAEM is a voluntary organisation dedicated to the goal of promoting the highest standards of care for all patients who attend the country’s Emergency Departments. It is a Charity (CHY 17751) recognised by the Revenue Commissioners under the Taxes Consolidation Act 1997 and has no salaried employees.

IAEM achieves its aims via 4 main routes:

  1. Setting professional standards for existing Specialists and Trainees in Emergency Medicine
  2. Training the next generation of Specialists in Emergency Medicine
  3. Providing ongoing professional education for all doctors working in Emergency Departments to help them keep abreast of the developments in the Specialty of Emergency Medicine
  4. Advocating on behalf of our patients to ensure they obtain the highest standard of care in fit for purpose departments which are appropriately resourced

Every year approximately 1.2 million patients are treated in 29 Emergency Departments in Ireland. This means that, in any one year, almost everybody in the country has a family member, relative or friend who has had to attend an Emergency Department.

How can you Help?

You can help us to ensure they receive the best care by supporting our work. You could:

Make a one off donation

Make a monthly donation

Include us in your will

Tax Relief

Donations to IAEM from both PAYE and Self Assessed supporters qualify for a tax refund for IAEM. The table below illustrates how this can this can increase the value of your donation by 44.9%.

Annual Donation Amount Tax Back from Revenue Total Value of your donation to IAEM
€250 €112.32 €362.32
€300 €134.78 €434.78
€500 €224.64 €724.64

Donate by Post

In order for IAEM to benefit from the tax refund scheme you will need to complete form CHY3 create link here and return it to:

Irish Association for Emergency Medicine

Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

123 St. Stephen’s Green

Dublin 2.

All donations will be acknowledged by post.

Donate Online

If you wish to make a donation but do not want to do so online please send a cheque payable to IAEM to:

Irish Association for Emergency Medicine

Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

123 St. Stephen’s Green

Dublin 2.

On behalf of our patients, a most sincere thank you!


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