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IAEM Officers


Mr Fergal Hickey

Consultant in Emergency Medicine


Mr Ashraf Butt

Consultant in Emergency Medicine


Dr Sinead O’Gorman

Consultant in Emergency Medicine

Past Officeholders

Presidents of IAEA/IAEM

1989 – 1992: Mr Leo Vella, RIP
1992 – 1995: Dr Peter O’Connor
1995 – 1998: Mr Colman O’Leary
1998 – 2002: Mr Colman O’Leary
2002 – 2005: Mr Anthony J Martin
2005 – 2008: Mr Fergal Hickey
2008 – 2011: Mr Fergal Hickey
2011 – 2014: Mr Mark Doyle
2014 – 2016: Mr Mark Doyle
2016 – 2018: Dr Emily O’Conor
2018 – 2020: Dr Emily O’Conor

Honorary Secretaries of IAEA/IAEM

1989 – 1995: Mr Geoff Keye
1995 – 1997: Dr Roisin Healy
1997 – 2002: Mr Stephen Cusack
2002 – 2005: Mr Aidan Gleeson
2005 – 2008: Mr James Binchy
2008 – 2010: Mr James Binchy
2010 – 2012: Mr John McInerney
2013 – 2016: Mr Cyrus Mobed

Honorary Treasurers of IAEA/IAEM

2003: Dr Peter O’Connor
2003 – 2005: Mr Mark Doyle
2005 – 2008: Dr Una Geary
2008 – 2011: Mr Niall O’Connor
2011 – 2014: Mr Niall O’Connor
2014 – 2016: Dr David Menzies

EM Advanced Specialist Training Programme Directors

Mr. Derek Barton
2000 – 2004: Mr Mark Doyle
2004 – 2008: Dr Iomhar O’Sullivan
2008 – 2012: Prof. Ronan O’Sullivan
2011 – Date: Prof. John Ryan

EM Core Specialist Training Programme Directors

2011 – 2013: Mr Robert Eager
2013 – Date: Mr James Binchy

Chairpersons of the Irish Committee for Emergency Medicine Training (ICEMT)

2000 – 2004: Mr Patrick K Plunkett
2004 – 2007: Dr Geraldine McMahon
2007 – Date: Dr Gareth Quin

Leo Vella Lecturers

2011: Mr Leo Vella, RIP
2012: Mr Anthony J Martin
2013: Mr Fergal Hickey
2014: Mr Robert McQuillan
2015: Dr Cathal O’Donnell
2016: Prof. Patrick Plunkett
2017: Prof. Stephen Cusack
2018: Dr Mark Doyle
2019: Dr Una Geary
2020: Not given
2021: Dr Andrew Neill

Honorary Members

The IAEM constitution grants the Association the right to bestow Honorary Membership of the Association on consultants in Emergency Medicine from overseas or from other specialties who have made a significant contribution to the development or advancement of the specialty of Emergency Medicine in Ireland or internationally. This award has been presented to:

Prof. Juliusz Jakubaszko September (2006)

Mr Jim Wardrope September (2008)

Mr Gautam Bodiwala September (2008)

Dr Cliff Mann October (2015)

Dr Mike Ryan October (2020)

Mr Jonathan Marrow September (2008)

Dr Taj Hassan October (2018)

The IAEM Honorary medal, minted in 2012, has also been presented to each recipient of Honorary Membership of the Association

Life Members

The IAEM constitution entitles a Full Member of the Association to Life Membership on retirement from his/her Consultant appointment. As a relatively young specialty, Emergency Medicine has had relatively few retirements to date. These include:

Mr Leo Vella, RIP

Mr AJ Martin

Mr Geoff Keye

Dr Mark Doyle

Prof Stephen Cusack

Mr Colman O’Leary

Dr Peter O’Connor

Dr Mary McKay

Dr Gemma Kelleher

Mr Cyrus Mobed

Dr Roisin Healy

 Dr Peter Keenan

 Mr Robert McQuillan

Dr Chris Luke

Mr Derek Barton

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